Blanche Axton

About Blanche Axton

Blanche Axton has been involved with dogs her whole life-from the Dalmatians and Great Danes her family raised and showed to working with canine rescue as an adult. Over the years, she has trained some of her dogs in agility, tracking, herding and therapy work. She volunteered as a therapy dog evaluator with Therapeutic Paws of Canada for several years.

Blanche currently coordinates Pugalug Pug Rescue, fosters pugs and sits on the Board of Directors. She also fosters for an all breed rescue called Speaking of Dogs. Blanche does behaviour assessments for the local shelter to assess a dog's adoptability via the shelter or its appropriateness for admission to a rescue program.

Her focus in her rescue work has been on dogs with complex medical issues, sensory deficits (blind and/or deaf dogs) and dogs coming out of the puppy mill system. She is an advocate for appropriate nutrition for dogs, positive focused training and the importance of understanding canine behaviour and communication. She currently shares her home with one sassy black pug, a snooty Japanese chin and one intellectuallly negligibe ginger cat.